Friday, April 28, 2006

An Introduction

About This Blog

How to begin?
I have been delaying the commencement of this blog for quite a while now simply because I had no idea how to begin. I suppose a personal introduction would be appropriate.

I am Joe, London based student and general global citizen. I am just about to go on a trip across a good part of the world. "Oh great!", I hear you say, "another scruffy-tax-dodger-off-to-'find-themselves' blog, just what the internet needs. I suppose part of this is true: I am scruffy, I haven't paid council tax (ever) and I am heading off on my own for a journey which could prove mildly life altering. In this blog, however, I hope to create something that nestles snugly between these egocentric ramblings about my own worldly experiences and a factual guide of the ins-and-outs of getting oneself across the route I intend to take. With any luck this will give an opportunity for people to hear about the channels and technicalities that inevitably have to be overcome in order to get there as well as some reflection on the places I visit and the accommodation, surroundings and activities I sample along the way.

The Route

Put simply, I plan to get from London to Hong Kong using only trains.Hardly a Roald Amundsen effort I know, but the longest trip I'll be taking for a while and I'll be taking the long way there.

I don't intend to take the most direct train route there either, I'm not in a rush and will go as far as my funds take me. Of course I will be keeping a close eye on the bank balance in this blog for the wallet conscious student travellers (as myself) amongst you who might be considering a similar trip.

The final itinerary has not yet been decided, but I do know that Scandinavia is a must. France, Holland and other European countries closer to home do not concern me all that much, I have been to France 2 or 3 times in the last 12 months and want to focus my efforts on the countries I am less likely to be visiting again in the near future. Norway and Finland hold particular interest with me; not least due to my love of black metal (the potential of getting corpse-painted up and holding my guitar aloft a snowy peak is irresistible). Of course later on I will have to choose my stops along the inevitable trans-Siberian route well and then there is the matter of navigating my way through China before I return to more familiar surroundings again. All of this planning, however, comes later.

So it begins...

As it stands, I know next to nothing about how on earth I am going to do this trip and I have about 3 months to find out, get my act together and get out there. As I have mentioned I am pretty certain of several locations I will be visiting and even where I will stay, but the fun (often in retrospect) of travelling is all the in betweens and unexpected things that pop up along the way. Everything I learn: how much money I am spending and any problems I encounter will be resolved and faithfully reported for all to see.


Nick said...

i was hoping you'd piss off for a bit

Jacqui said...

Eastern Europe's a must, and train travel there is dead cheap...

Sam said...

I have never used a "blog" yet but figured this is as good a time to start! Joe i want you to try your hardest to do something illegal in each and every country-even it requires a sheep, whipped cream and a lonely farmer! Seriously though mate enjoy it and good luck....look forward to having a few drinks when you return!!

Sam's quick travel tip: REMEMBER PASSPORT

Sam said...

Just to add onto Jacqui's comment about eastern europe being cheap, yes she is correct, so much so that i heard that very very attractive and "friendly" ladies are cheap! so any lads considering meeting joe along the line i HIGHLY recommend here????


Colin said...

Put your dick back in your pants, Samuel... christ, you're worse than me sometimes!

If there is one person I know who can travel across Europe and nothing will go wrong for them, then it's Joe.

You could put him in the North Pole in nothing but a pink G-string bikini and a pair of snow shoes and 3 months later you would find him drinking Mai Tai's in Phuket.

So good luck... as Mark Twain said - "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Nially Baby said...

wow nice quote there colly baby! Joe have a good trip my man, and I'll see you "there". Sure is a long way man, but it'll be one fuck of an experience! Hope to radmore updates along the way and I'll keep in touch via comments. I'll have a cold beer waiting at the Lok Ma Chau cross border train station haha

God's speed, my friend

Anonymous said...

Waiting for part II

Juliansachao said...

Remember to shove a gold watch up ur ass just in case ;)

Helen said...

I enjoy reading the Joeblogs, sounds wonderful.

Congrats btw on your results! Always knew you were a smarty pants.

See you in Honkers!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nially Baby,

Hows life in the Kong?

Colin that really was quite beautiful...........actually got a tear in my eye at one point!!

Good luck Joseppi

Anonymous said...

Sorry that last post was from Sam

Helen said...

Hope you packed Imodium

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey Baby,

Dont worry, getting the shits kind of goes hand in hand with sampling different cultures...and im sure you'll be happy you took the plunge when its all over!!

Hope your enjoying yourself, wandering around Europe and getting pissed, personally im quite happy commuting, and working for 8 hours a day in an office!!!!!


El-Gee said...

hey man. found u on VT. This intro sounds promising, I'll catch up the reads!