Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pictures online now!

Hey guys, got to Finland safe and sound. Staying with an old friend from Hong Kong who has an incredible computer setup and I have been able to finally get some pictures online. Go have a butchers HERE!

Or for a more interesting perspective on the pictures, go here!

My Norwegian adventures will be summarised when I have a bit of free time but right now I'm going to tuck into the bottle of duty free vodka with an old buddy. Happiness and silliness ensue...

Peace and Unity!

1 comment:

Nially Baby said...

Great pics joey baby! can't wait till i'm there now. Wishing i was going to Oslo too, looks fuckin amazing! These places are like dream cities man, hope they never change.

take care buddy

ps - beware of that 80$ mcds hahaa jeezuz still cant believe that..