Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Afternoon Vietnam! (+ This Week in Pics)

I have booked tickets to Vietnam for the Chinese New Year break! W00t!

Chinese New Year is a pretty popular time of year to visit Vietnam as the Vietnamese equivalent of CNY, Tet, is also taking place. I am really excited to see what the Vietnamese get up to and experience "how they roll" at this time of year. No doubt it will involve a lot of scooters. It's almost a shame to be missing the New Year in Hong Kong because it can be really good fun and people hand out free money (no joke!), but I can't turn down a trip to Vietnam now, can I? Hopefully I will also get the chance to go down the (frankly, petrifying sounding) war tunnels as well as fire some guns or something. On top of this, accommodation is free as my girlfriend's folks are based out there now so I won't be writing any hotel reviews or the like. Other than that the trip is little more than an excuse to go to a new country and lounge around in the sun for a few weeks.

So, let’s talk technicalities: the flight was fairly pricey ($3,750HKD + $100HKD insurance) and we will be flying United Airlines, which means no Asia Miles :( :( :(. A VISA for Vietnam will also set you back $300HKD if you are coming from Hong Kong, and takes 3 working days (express VISAs will set you back $500HKD). Ring (852)25914517 for more details!

Err, yeah. That's about it really. A very straightforward trip!

As for my silly photographs here are this week's offerings. Take note of Monday's Vietnamese themed shot; we booked our tickets that day and I felt like visually rejoicing. Can you feel the happiness? Enjoy.

Over the Bay (p365 9)

Vietnam Here we Come (p365 9)

Meet Miss Wong (p365 10)

Happy Birthday! (p365 12)

Buddhist Ornament (p365 13)

Now Eye (p365 14)

Lan Kwai Fong (p365 15)

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