Monday, January 08, 2007

Project365! That's Right!

Hey ho.
I mentioned on my post here a few weeks back that I would be starting a project 365 photographic pursuit this year, and I have.


For those who don't know, Project365 is a nifty little idea I noticed a while back which involves picking one photograph a day, for 365 days and displaying them on an online photo site like Flickr.


Well, there are a bunch of reasons why I am doing this. The most obvious being that it will be a cool picture diary of a year of my life. This year stands to be pretty exciting what with some great trips abroad planned and life generally being pretty cool at the moment. On top of this though, it is a great chance to expand my photographic skills. Some days I will probably only take a quick cameraphone snap of something that has interested me on the way to work, but on other days I might go on a 5 hour hike to take a painstaking planned photograph of rare beetles mating with my SLR. So the photos themselves stand to be a bit of a mixture, and already I have some pretty varying snaps from me sitting on an elephant in Thailand (cool...) to me sitting back at my desk at work (not so cool...).


Either way, if you are interested the photos will uploaded regularly to:

Now I just need to get a hold of a 365 page photo album so I can print off the outcome at the end of the year.


P.s. I will be updating the blog with a little bit on my Thailand trip either today or tomorrow too. It was an awesome trip but WAY too short...

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