Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This week's offerings

The weeks keep flying by and the photographs stacking up. Got a new tripod this week so managed to pull off a decent panorama and some low-light/night shots. Also, in my quest to become a master of my SB600 I found a great blog called Strobist which caters for everybody from total douchebags like myself to strobe masters who love nothing more than to sit around all day talking about light placement and umbrellas. On the downside all it has done is add to the list of stuff I want to buy .i.e Remote triggers, strobe stands, umbrellas etc etc. Oh well, in time...

Anyway, here y'are:

We Got Goldie! (p365 22)

My Photo on FoWH.org (p365 24)

My Other vehicles (p365 23)

Goldie (p365 25)

IFC Tower (p365 26)

Satellites Beware (p365 27)

Sienna Panorama (p365 28)

Take care


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