Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Week in Images

Well, I thought since I was doing this project 365 thing that I would post some of the outcome on here. Hell, I realise nobody reads this (I mean I am getting on average around 3 -5 hits a day....serious circulation eh?) but it can't hurt right? Well to avoid taking up an outrageous amount of space here are the thumbnails of my first week of Project 365! Yeah,

I know there are 8 pictures here...I took two for my first day because I was so excited.

Lion Head (p365 1)

Khaosan New Years (p365   2)

Market Lady (p365 3)

Elephants in Ayutthaya   (p365 4)

Home, sweet home... (p365   5)

Me (p365 6)

Quarry Bay Sales (p365 7)

At the Carnival (p365 8)

The full monty is available HERE!

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La don said...

People should read this.